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On Demand Site and Data Backup:

Whether you have made a critical site change or a simple update and want to be sure that it’s backed up, with Quirkel you can run a full site and or database backup anytime, on demand. Your backup files are instantly saved to your preferred online storage site.

Don't need a full backup? No problem. Just back up the files or database tables you need!

Automated Hands Free Site Backups:

Set up your online storage destination, the frequency of backups, your preferred time to backup, and the number of backup files you desire. Once you’re done, Quirkel works for you automatically and securely backing up your assets based on your settings.

With Quirkel, you can send your backups to multiple destinations. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that your sites are covered.

Point and Click Site Restore:

Whether a site you own or manage has been hacked, files have been corrupted, or even if your hosting company has disappeared on you entirely; thanks to Quirkel you can fully restore any site you own in just minutes and with push button ease.

On Demand Autoresponder Backup:

Whether you want to move your subscriber lists to a new email service provider or just get an up to date copy, you can run a list backup on-demand, anytime. Quirkel sends a CSV file to your online storage provider including date added, name, email, signup IP, and all the crucial list details you need.

Automated Autoresponder Backups:

Maintaining an up to date copy of your email lists is smart, because those lists are some of your most valuable marketing assets. Once you’ve set up your storage destination, backup frequency, and your preferred time to backup Quirkel will automatically and securely back up your lists totally hands free.

Quick and Simple Integration with the Most Popular Online Storage Services and Email Service Providers:
  • Amazon s3
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Idrive
  • OneDrive
  • Box
  • Aweber

We make it easy for you to store your site files
and data by integrating with the most popular
online storage and email services
providers in the industry.

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